The dilemma of choosing best

Distilled Wisdom

Life is great teacher, gives valuable lessons through pains, pleasures, failures, mistakes and dilemmas. Any struggle or self torture signifies some sort of mistake or misalignment with the spiritual laws. If we don’t take the lesson then we repeat mistakes and miss on the beauty and the fullness of life.

In today’s world there are too many choices in every area of life, at every turn, in daily chores, job, business, learning skills, habits, and spiritual path / practices. The obsession of choosing best in every area often delays the best to descend in life.

Means of success

Let’s do a review of various choices we make; why we get confused and what can we do; and can we build some design pattern to follow to choose effectively and confidently, particularly in matters like career, starting a new venture, field of service, skill area , suitable spiritual path to practice, mental models etc. For…

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