Developing attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude sounds very simple but addresses many emotional issues effectively. We do feel thankful on certain occasions and events, but usually don’t pay attention to HIS grace in day to day life. But there is hugely large number of functions happening in body and brain supporting the miracle we normally refer life.

Secondly on relations front, we are wonderfully supported by our families, friends, teams and maids making space for us to do what we want to do. We forget to thank them quite often ! Mostly because we are overwhelmed with work or are in fast, complaining or expecting mode.

However life is much more than a race and contentment has its own value and taste, it helps us to stop and savor life in this moment – only time we have in our hands, rest are hypothetical details of mind.

Gratitude is not a mechanical process but the expression of heart and it becomes alive when we habituate to appreciate to what we already have.When we appreciate what we have then we might stumble upon fresh perspectives to current life situations and start finding happiness in day to day experiences.

Gratitude adds value in many ways

  • We create more & more positive vibes and thus add to universal positivism
  • Helps in deeper relating with family and friends, promoting emotional wellness and healing.
  • Helps us avoid doing everyday sin – taking things for-granted
  • People who are helping us in anyway may not need or accept anything on material level in return, and we offering a simple thank you note to them brings completeness to whole interaction.
  • It teaches us appreciation of what we have which is key to finding happiness.
  • Reduces chances of cribbing and complaining of what we don’t have.
  • Makes the person in front feel happier.

All of us know and can easily relate to this, but easy things are deceptively slippery when it comes to implementation. We tend to forget and generally don’t count on such attitudes as big assets of life. Our ego, most of the time engages us in complicated and high-end monetary returns promising tasks.

It keeps our mind running to seek more attention and never pays any heed to the fact that there is great feeling of fullness in stopping, savoring and thanking for what we already  have.

Let’s pray with heart full of gratitude to Existence for all that we have and moreover what we don’t have ( HE knows what’s best for us), and we be blessed with sincere attitude of gratitude and never ever take for granted all the Grace, Love and Support that we have in day to day life. We can make it a daily habit of thankfulness prayer before sleep and first thing after we get up in morning. 

Thanks for your time,


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